Bullish Engulfing Candlestick pattern

Study and trading with Bullish engulfing pattern

Bullish Engulfing pattern suggests the arrival of increment in prices of the stock.It is a two candlestick pattern with first candle to be a bearish candle while second candle is a long Bullish candle having length greater than first candle having length greater than first candle and which completely eclipses or engulfs the first candle without the regards to length of tail or shadows of the candle.This apprehends that the second candle of the pattern have it's opening price below the close of first candle while the closing price of bullish greeen candle to be above of the opening point of first candle.
In this pattern , first candle can be a Doji while the second candle can be replaced by a Marubozu candlestick also.
all foms of bearish engulfing pattern having marubozu, Doji
This pattern is just opposite of Bearish Engulfing candlestick pattern . It recommends you to buy the stocks while bearish engulfing patern suggests you to sell( stock, currency or any other currency also)the current position.

Studying the Bullish engulfing pattern

It is preferable if the Bullish candlestick of the pattern has a long real body with a small upper shadow.As the body length is long, it signifies that the price has been taken significantly above the opening price and the short wick suggests that there is not much difference between closing and highest price of session which makes it more likely to have the next candle to be a green Bullish candle.
One more thing to take note is that more are the preceding red candlesticks before the pattern, more is the chance of trend reversal. Bullish engulfing pattern becomes more significant and likely to show trend reversals if preceded by 4 or more red/black candlesticks.

Trading or working with Bullish engulfing pattern

You are always adviced to never make a trade solely based on candlestick pattern. Though, if you decide to trade by observig any pattern you should look for any other signal or indicator as a confirmation.
If the candle next to the Bullish engulfing pattern opens Gapped-up , it is a very good sign for the pattern . As a Bullish candlestick pattern, you should consider it as a reversal pattern only if it appears during a clear uptrend ,otherwise it can just be a continuation pattern. It is not of much significance during a choppy market .
Stop-loss - Talking about the stop loss than it can be placed at the bottom point of the first candle of pattern.Though ,it is totally up to you about what amount of risk you can take and thus put the stop-loss.
bearish engulfing pattern

General advice on trading with Bullish engulfing pattern :

       Never consider the indication provided by the candlestick to be 100% trustable, as they represent only low, high, close and open price of the session to which a particular candle represent.Moreover, we consider long Bullish candlestick in the pattern to be good, but it also increases the range of stop-loss and the returns may not be worth it. But on the same time these patterns can be very much useful and profitable if traded wisely and carefully.You have to also check other indicators to make an exit from the trade as these pattern don,t provide you any target price. If you think to exit the trade based on any signal given by candlestick at a particular instant , than you may be partially correct but tools like support and resistance are very useful for exiting the trade.

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